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If you are looking for the best custom upholstered furniture and draperies in Camarillo or anywhere near this city, look no more for any other company than Daniel’s Design House. Established since 1980, we have garnered a record of being the most reliable and trusted source of home decor designs especially furniture and fabrics. We provide a diverse variety of top-notch furniture frames categorized in different designs that will definitely suit everyone’s taste. Daniel’s Design House’s customer services are incomparable and we want nothing more for our customers than to see you pleased and satisfied. Being in the industry for more than two decades now, we know exactly what customers want and need. We are always honored to make sure that you get the style that you are looking for in a room using our elegant and sublime upholstered furniture, window treatments, conversation pieces and a whole lot more.

Camarillo drapery and upholstery offered by Daniel’s Design House gives you many design choices. Whether you are looking for basic seating or an exquisite and classy couch to enliven a room will always provide the best of what we can offer to meet your imaginations. We present a highly organized and over-the-edge catalogue of only the best fabrics and furniture that you need. You may freely discuss with our designers about all the things that you need and they’ll be most pleased to serve you. From basic chairs, couches, dining seats and more—you name it, we guarantee you that we have it.

Upholstery Camarillo or anywhere near this city offers upholstered furniture that is custom made to fit your exact specifications. Our furniture comes in hundreds of beautiful designs laden with impressive styles, prints, and patterns. With Daniel’s Design House, you don’t have to suffer the hassle of buying furniture as you enter the store. Our employees will make sure that you are fully assisted with everything that you need. Our expert designers and qualified staff are always available to help you and want to know your concerns—what’s more is that you can also benefit from other services that include free estimates pickup and delivery at no charge, professional measuring and installation, high-class services and an onsite workroom. Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed and built for long lasting durability. By choosing upholstery and drapery Camarillo, you will never go wrong with the numerous options and expert customer service offered by Daniel’s Design House.

Daniel’s Design House of Camarillo provides drapes and upholstery in nearby areas including Camarillo. Whether you want your room to be grandiose or simple, accommodating or laid-back, our right window treatment will do the job of flaunting the beauty that lies inside of your room. The professional service and unmatched service makes our company the region’s most trusted drapery and furniture source. Our expert designers deliver custom treatments that fashions out an embodiment of privacy, beauty, personality, and artistry for any home setting in Camarillo or in any other neighboring areas.

At Daniel’s Design House, we guarantee limitless designs and craftsmanship to provide you with the highest quality of furniture, drapes, features and custom window treatments in every house and town in Camarillo. Daniel’s is totally dedicated and devoted to giving you the best Camarillo upholstery and drapery in the area.

For immediate assistance, our professional staff is always available to listen to your questions and concerns. Or if you want to update yourself with the latest customized upholstery and furniture, simply call Daniel’s Design House at (805) 494-4941 or (818) 707-7379.

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"I moved into a new home recently, but my old furniture looked tacky and out of place, so I knew I wanted to refurnish my home. After shopping around a few department stores, I found that most of the furniture looked the same and everything was pretty bland. Instead, I searched online for a place that offers custom furniture and found Daniel's Design house, which offers custom upholstery in Camarillo. My first visit to this establishment was surprising as it was an experience that was nothing like the furniture shopping I was used to. A designer helped me to pick out exactly what I wanted, while also providing tasteful suggestions. At the end of it all, my living room is now furnished with a very unique and elegant aesthetic that could not have been achieved anywhere besides Daniel’s Design House."

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